Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are your testers happy with you?

Well! Many of us rather think about this question at the time of appraisal or skip level meetings... and ofcourse most of us "assume" and live in the world of blissfullness that we are doing best to the team and nobody else could not have imagined doing these many things to keep the team happy. Or rather under the opinion that if company is paying good they are happy otherwise none of my business to involve in it... afterall I am underpaid too, whom should I go and report to?
But as many say and agree to the fact that the first level thought of quitting the company arises only if anybody is not happy with their immediate boss. Don't really know how many would agree but I am 100% for it. If a team member quits the first responsible person would be the team lead (let us not talk about other levels as I am not aware of levels beyond me :) ). Doesnt matter if you are expecting him/her to leave (atleast for me) but if he is from the working lot, then you might have to retrospect your activities and do a DP (Defect Prevention) activity to set yourself right. I strongly think getting your immediate manager's opinion would be of better help rather than posting a query in the team meeting to give feedback (which has minimal turnout in my experience). Again I leave this post open for you to post your opinions and suggestions... May be some of us could be heading towards the same armegeddon...

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